When an Original Looks Like a Copycat

Most service providers aren’t marketing experts. So they often end up using strategies that don’t work all that well for them. Sometimes these strategies can even make them look like something they aren’t.

So what do you do to portray yourself as an original? Do you just follow what the most successful competitors are doing?

As in life, there is no “best practices” to becoming an original. What’s more, today’s ultra-savvy customers can sniff out a copycat instantly, and even talk about them online.

So what branding strategy do you employ to stand out among your competition and earn customer loyalty?

Branding That Emphasizes Your Uniqueness

One obvious solution is to create a brand that is instantly noticed and built to be memorable. So here are just a few of the elements that go into building brand recognition:

  • Identify and advertise the unique features of your products and services that isolate it from the competition.
  • Aim your highest efforts at the customer who can most easily afford and benefit from your services.
  • Create a path of attraction that makes your future clients feel better for having encountered your marketing than before.
  • Fuse all these ideas clearly into every touchpoint with your future clients; blog content, email newsletter, online videos, articles, and visually through your logo, website design, print and packaging, so there is never any doubt who your customer is communicating with.

Data Driven Intelligence That Secures Market Share

The Sky Road Digital team conducts research to identify your potential customers and learn their spending habits. Then a platform is created to communicate your value proposition, engage your audience and position your brand as a Category of One.

Contact us today to discuss how you can create a branding campaign that finds a happy home in the minds of customers from first blush to post-purchase.

The best way to do this is to establish a baseline. Where do you sit in the market today? We can let you know that right now.

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