A Decade of Dreams and a Content Carousel

Ten years before the Great Recession hit I was serving as Senior Producer doing video marketing for one of the biggest brands in the world. I left in 2005 to start my own shop. Happy days!

Well, it’s been 10 long years since the Great Recession hit in 2008. Shortly after it started, my fat and happy little business tanked. My wife lost her job of 25 years. And millions of other businesses went offline, never to return.

Of course it’s only been in hindsight that we can see the true implications of building a business on the sandy beach of one skill, lightly used.

Since then, by dint of necessity, I’ve enjoyed a non-stop journey of enlightenment. The first way station was learning about marketing, which is really about learning the way people think, behave and react to the stimuli they perceive from commercial messages.

And like a good little student, I went all in, which at the time meant doing and saying whatever I was told to say by my betters, to win the sale. This took the form of neuro-linguistic programming (Hypnotize people. YAY!), false scarcity (hey, there’s only 12 more digital copies of this here pdf!), and aggressive sales tactics (who makes the decisions in your family anyway?).

Ugh. Well, eventually I got tired of feeling like a used car salesman (actually I think they were more honest) and found a way to serve people with marketing rather than torture them. I learned how to appeal to higher centers of the brain than the ones most marketers use to scare us into action.

Most of all, I discovered how to create an automated path of attraction rather than relying on one-to-one sales skills.

Today our business is dedicated to the practices taught at Visible Authority, our marketing coaching and training site. There we show people how to do it themselves.

Here we do it all for those with a higher than average desire and means to make significant inroads into their market.

My team brings over 75 years of combined experience in digital marketing to your projects. We have worked for nationally-recognized brands and bring extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing.

We have strategic and tactical expertise in website creation and design, search engine optimization (SEO), digital paid search, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing as well as branding and strategic planning.

We approach each project, large or small, with the same goal: achieving an outsized return on investment. The only variable is how deeply the company wishes to make inroads into their market.

A More Profitable Way to Market

In the last 10 years I have learned that every business radiates a signal of some kind. Most do it unconsciously. Some do it with intent. A precious few do it with flair.

It is this very signal that is used to create your entire online ecosystem, from website to keywords, and determines how potential clients feel about your brand and see your value proposition.

The signal has two parts: your energy signature and the message you carry to the world. When your energy is coherent and your message focused, your marketing can perform with an ROI that’s out of this world.

But the converse is also true. So we work with companies to make sure their whole signal is strong, then give them the means to amplify it to their heart’s content, with strategies like The Content Carousel, where you manage to stand in one place and let everyone come to you.

If creating an automated path of attraction using a strong signal to market is something that appeals to you, you might want to find out where you stand at this moment, by measuring the signal your online ecosystem is generating.

What Kind of Signal Does My Company Generate?

May all your Recessions Be Little Ones…

Steven Washer
Sky Road Digital